Our Economy and Job Creation

My position is an inclusive position where everybody is a part of the job occupation. Entreprenurialism should be encouraged and fostered at the home level so that when those individuals get to the point where they’re taking risks, they can interact with the marketplace properly. My responsibility is to protect that system from corruption, foster a culture of courage, out of the box thinking and practical solutions for our communities. We can’t fix our job market at the national level without taking the thoughts and concerns of the people into consideration. Equality and zero discrimination is a natural byproduct of being better than the competition, if they won’t give it; we’ll make it.


Healthcare needs to be standardized and compliance needs to be enforced systemically, if there is a gap in our medical system; the people who need assistance won’t be able to benefit as they should. We’ve taken great pains to develop the system we have now and though it’s not perfect; we can’t bulldoze it; it must change overtime in order to provide proper healthcare to as many people as possible until we feel comfortable with the changes. Part of these changes must include ceiling prices for insulin, expansion on our understanding and scope of mental health support and the country’s rehabilitation infrastructure.


The opioid crisis, not testing for Sickle Cell, the condition of Kingsbrook hospital, subway violence are all small and large examples of our system failing to rectify the mental and physical healthcare deficiency our country is seeing today. With all of the new research that’s available to us and with so many different people groups to represent in NY, we have the best sample size in the world as to how dynamics affect different types of people and should be leading the nation in efforts to face this challenge head on. Pre-existing conditions need better consideration.


Insurance and healthcare by nature aren’t needed when it’s convenient – it’s life and sometimes life can be tragic and subsequently expensive. If we’re proactive then issues can be treated prior to issues being urgent, therefore reducing our costs. I suggest state sponsored gym memberships, getting our communities help in health awareness. Potentially we can provide tax breaks for people who go to the gym or show other self-initiatives to improve health standards. These are some subject matters we need to discuss in order to pull together and alter this narrative.

Debt & Financial Disposition

Instead of initiating drastic measures, we need to put sustainable processes in place that we can maintain and won’t cause us to over correct too quickly in our economy. Financial education and literacy in schools is imperative. We need more financially conscientious minds to apply for government jobs, we need less red tape and more courage to cut off the excess in government spending. The whole purpose of our republic is to keep power within the states, the states are all making money but the federal government is going deeper and deeper into debt and deferring the liability and the tab onto the American People. The federal government needs to reconcile that they need to manage the power they have properly before reaching further. The federal government clearly can’t steward the power and responsibilities they currently hold and should have states assume more liability and re-harness privileges that should be retained at the state level.

National Security & Immigration

In every other country, good borders are good politics. Just because America is still lacking and we’re not secure on our border yet isn’t a reason not to do it today. The sooner our border is protected the sooner we don’t have a human rights crisis on the border. Terrorism comes in many forms and it isn’t just firepower. Undermining the American people and our security is absolutely a political action and a government that allows and encourages women and children to cross our border illegally is knowingly putting their citizens in harm’s way and using tears to pay for our country’s sympathy vote. Terrorism isn’t defined by a motive that is anti-American; it’s defined by the effect that action has on the American people.

Every border on the planet has had people dig and try to fly over; but they all started with a proper barrier. We have the ability to manage airport security and people who bypass our main systems of protection and our main border at the same time. Illegal immigration is very different than immigration. I am from Haiti, I and the republican party knows America is the great melding pot; but we can’t possibly accurately protect, lead and support the American public when we are unaware of the factors that comprise our constituency. 


We need our sense of nationalism back. Instead of complaining about the American Way of Life; let’s roll up our sleeves and fix it. Let us be a better American People. We need contributors not complainers. It’s time to regain pride in our country and be confident that we all can make a difference.

Veteran Affairs

We have to take care of our warriors. They put their lives on the line and they need the support that they deserve. We have a massive issue in this country with veteran wellbeing and depression, anxiety and a job market that doesn’t cater to the skill set that these women and men have. These veterans are the most acclimated and equipped to be stationed at schools around the country to defend our nation’s brightest minds for future generations. With the amount of jobless veterans, we can more than provide every single school in our country with a veteran that wouldn’t think twice about laying their lives down for our country’s most precious asset; our children.

The Constitution

We are tied at our core to the constitution, walk away from it and America ceases to be great no matter who’s the President. Our founding fathers had a great initiative but were lacking in fair application. Now that our government has learned to take all people into consideration, we can use, as a proper people this proper defense against tyranny both foreign and domestic.


This includes the second amendment which doesn’t guarantee that American’s have guns; it promises that the Government can’t infringe on our rights to have guns. Proper background checks and balances should be both improved and implemented to both protect our rights and protect our public. If anyone thinks we can only protect the people OR the rights, then they’re too small minded. This is America, we’re doing both.

Constantin Jean-Pierre


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